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Alexey Komissarouk

Partner, Product Engineer

From engineering roles at Facebook, Findery, and the Israeli Defence Forces to leading an engineering team via PennApps Labs and a web consultancy for Facebook apps via fbDevDir, Alexey has been doing this 'tech' thing for nearly a decade now. Whoa. I've He's been making stuff or making stuff happen since 2005.

Alexey is comfortable (and quick) as an engineer in Python, Javascript, Ruby and PHP, most useful in projects that combine his passion for making useful thingies (IE, product) and managing larger projects started around problems best solved by technology. In his spare time, Alexey shouts at the void on twitter blogs.

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Eric Allen

Partner, Software Architect

Depending on how you count, Eric has worked as a software developer at 5 or 7 startups, including Electric Imp, Findery, and Sauce Labs. Wearing a range of hats, from frontend HTML/CSS/JavaScript to DevOps to product management, Eric has built features, hired teams, and designed systems.

Eric is a polyglot developer, most recently experienced in Node.js, iPhone development, and Ruby on Rails, but also ready to dive into Python (including Twisted), Java, and C. He is most useful in projects that require great technical solutions built on a solid foundation of quality code.

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